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Breed: Arab/Canadian


Color: Black

Zorro was born February 25, 2005 around Mission,BC.   His father was a pure black Arabian named Obsidian and mother a black Canadian named Barbie. Zorro was under a year old when he was purchased and trailered to his new home in Cochrane by a lovely Lady who had high hopes of Zorro becoming apart of a team for a Carriage. At 2.5 years it was realized that Zorro was not a good candidate for pulling and that is when I was fortunate to come along and very happily take him under my wing, or maybe it was the other way around. Zorro is a great teacher and encourages one to become a leader. He loves people and I think he would rather spend time with humans than horsey folk, unless of course there is a giant herd of Elk that rolls into the horizon. Zorro has practiced Dressage for about 2 years and was good at it and seemed to love to fly around the arena his legs going like little eggbeaters, he was beautiful to watch. Beautiful, smart, gentle, curious, feisty, adventurous with a OH-so-big heart, that is Zorro!