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Birthday: Sept 21, 2005

Registered: N/A

Breed: Belgian/Paint

Height: 17 HH

Color: Red Roan Paint

Ozzie arrived at Eagle Feather about five years ago.   He spent the first few years of his life in Athabasca. The wilderness of Athabasca allowed Ozzie to develop an independent, and free spirit which was displayed as high energy and worry when he first arrived at EFR.  He had some trust issues with humans when he first arrived and demanded that his riders be fully present with him every step of the way.   Not too many people could ride him.  His committed riders included Ozzie in the conversation and this allowed him to gain confidence in human leaders and himself.   His true gentle nature emerges more and more each day.   He has earned the title of Gentle Giant for the tenderness and compassion he displays for even the youngest riders.  He is a very light and sensitive horse who is seeking to do whatever is asked of him, only getting frustrated when his “try” goes unrecognized.  As he continues to soften he looks to his human companions to be leaders and to assure him that they are riding with awareness at all times.  As he is very independent and confident, he likes to lead the way and will take you through everything.   It is important to remember that he is one of the biggest horses at EFR and he is very powerful and has lots of GO!!!