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Birth Date: 2003

Registered n/a

Breed: Appaloosa/Quarter

Height: 15HH

Color:  Bucksin

Buddy came to EFR on Jan 17 2015.  He was foaled in Manitoba and was a ranch horse in southern Alberta until he was 8. He was then bought to be a kid's horse because of his quiet nature and taken up to Edson AB, where he participated in 4H activities and family trail rides for the last three years. He has safely carried beginners and always tries hard  to understand what is being asked of him. Buddy is comfortable  with people grooming him and seems to enjoy the attention and closeness. He needs only small reminders to back up a bit if he is investigating pockets for possible snacks and is generally an easy-going guy.  Although he is not very high in the herd hierarchy, he has found his place and blends in pretty quietly. He has lots of speed if that is asked for but his preferred pace is slow and steady. His new owner is extremely happy to have this great horse in her life!