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Where Heart and soul come together

Welcome to  Eagle Feather Riding, where heart and soul come together.  Our philosophy for this company and the meaning behind the logo is what guides our ways.

Eagle feathers are sacred because the eagle flies closest to the heavens and are associated with spiritual power.  We believe the very act of horsemanship has spiritual connections in many ways.  The eagle has great vision and can see clearly over great distances.  This is our vision for Eagle Feather Riding, to be far sighted and always looking ahead.

The hoop that surrounds the Arabian horse head stands for the great cirle of life.  We believe life is a circle, what you put out there comes back to you.  The natives call this circle of life the “Sacred Hoop”.  They believe the Sacred Hoop encompasses the cycles of all things and joins them together so that all energy is in balance.  This is how we dream of riding, in balance and as one.  

We would like to take the opportunity to work with you or your child.  It is  privilege for us to teach people to ride and watch the bond that grows between a horse and rider.  We look forward to a meaningfull relationship as we grow together.

                                          “Iyuptala “ ……… Eagle Feather Riding





I was born in Olds, Alberta and lived on a farm at Westward Ho till I was in grade three.  We had horses and my mom was an exceptional horsewoman so I grew up learning from the best.  Chic Miller who lived in Olds and had the first Arabians in Alberta was also a large influence on my horse training and life training.

Then in 1964 my Dad took a job as the foreman of an Experimental Farm in Haines Junction, Yukon Territories.  My life became an outdoor experience from skiing, skidoing, hiking, camping, canoeing and of course…horses and riding.

As a young girl my mom was our Girl Guide leader and the guiding experience fostered my love for the outdoors and gave me a “spiritual” connection to the earth.  Our dad was also a gifted bushman and taught me how to travel quietly and lightly upon the earth.  Giving as much as you take.

In 1979 I got my first job in Fort McMurray teaching P.E. and outdoor education.  I moved to Calgary in 1981 to work with the Calgary Board of Education at Yamumisku Outdoor School.  I taught P.E. with the C.B.E. until 2003.  

In the early ‘90s I came  across a horse trainer whom  transformed the way I did things with horses.  He taught me how little it takes to communicate with your horse.  He also taught me that the way you are with your horse…is the way you are in your life.

In 1995 a beautiful little girl from the school I was teaching wanted to learn to ride…and so…. One student at a time Eagle Feather Riding was born.

It has been a work in progress and we are constantly honing our skills and finding our way.  Eagle Feather Riding is a team effort, that is why we are unique…it is made up of many gifted humans with a passion for learning and horses.  

The native theme that guides us in our teaching comes from my roots with the Earth.  I love traditional teachings…they speak to my heart

Volunteers are the core to the success of EFR’s teaching methods.

At the heart we think of ourselves as one big family…in fact many of the volunteers are mothers & daughters, whole families, sisters & brothers, etc.  some are at EFR every day …some come whenever they can.

What do these volunteers do?  They clean the grounds, haul hay, haul water, help to teach, lead horses that need exercise and tune ups, and many other chores.  Most of all they learn about horses and have fun.

It would take pages to give photo credit to all our volunteers so above is a photo from  a summer camp of 2011, students and volunteers.

Thanks to each volunteer… you are the best.